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!RIGHT Weekly News

!RIGHT  L O W = 89 LD for  :::  Fashion  S A M I R A  ::: a top patterned with glossy multicolored flowers in lilac, green or pink, deep cleavage and framed with a frill collar. The black capri pants are decorated with a white belt and cute little bows in matching colors on bottom. ::: Fashion S A M I R A :::. the right outfit for a long walk at the beach.

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! R I G H T 60 Linden Weekends = ღღღ   Dress BELLA ღღღ  = Bit transparent lace blouse in white, red or black with short sleeves, the V-décolleté is adorned with a black lacing and the black pleated skirt  accentuate your slim figure with a high waistband.


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!RIGHT Weekly News

!RIGHT  L O W = only 79 LD for :::  FAVORABLE  ::: in black, red, rose or white. It will be really your favored dress for your next rendezvous. ::: FAVORABLE ::: is slinky with only crossed sleeves, which are elaborated as top (sooo hot), with high waist and skirt prim. The stockings with lace round out the picture.



! R I G H T 60 Linden Weekends = sweet   ღღღ   Baby Doll  M A R I E   ღღღ   in * 5 * bright shaded colors with top-bandeau, double-ply doll of tulle and lace, for attractive ღ 60 LD ღ.


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!RIGHT Fifty5 Offer = Jessica lilac = with an oriental touch, made to seduce in delightful lilac. the soft bra is different shaded with cute blossoms, the long skirt with bow on right side has a seam of enchanting flowers.

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